My name is Jolanta, or simply Jola. I'm a proud and devoted mother of two amazing young people on the planet, son Loren and daughter Lydia, as well as the very lucky wife of Rob Bremer, the love of my life. Photography is my absolute passion so last but definitely not least, I take great pleasure in being a consummate professional at own my studio "JOLA Portraits”. Beautiful, natural light cascades into my studio on St. Armand’s circle, which serves to create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere that feels "Just like Home."

People think of photographs as "activities frozen in time" or "capturing a moment." I see so much more! To me it's capturing a feeling, translating a relationship, or transforming a fleeting thought into something that will last forever. Cameras typically invade a space and influence the subjects and/or the circumstance. My work is all about extracting the essence of each person, their relationship with themselves, the environment, or each other; the camera simply isn't a factor.


People think of photographs as "activities frozen in time" or "capturing a moment" - I see so much more! - Jola

A photo session is an experience to be enjoyed. There's no greater gift than to portray someone as themselves, only better. Whether an individual portrait, family session or a professional headshot we'll work as a team, deciding everything from the location, mood, clothing, hair and make-up that allows you to take center stage. People who normally "hate" having their picture taken, fall in love with the images we capture together and they and their families treasure them as keepsakes for a lifetime.

Family time is everything to me, so when I’m not holding a camera, you’ll usually find me standing next to Rob cheering our kids on at regattas (rowing competitions) or enjoying the magnificent surroundings of our paradise home, Sarasota FL… and even then, I'm probably holding a camera :)

Yours truly,


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